Monday, 22 September 2014

Twitter: 10 Tips and Tricks for Beginners

tips for twitter beginners

Twitter is without a doubt one of the social networks on which it is imperative to show. It helps tremendously fast and constructive exchanges. Essential if you want to create around your business or your career a solid and loyal community.

If you want to know how and why 140 characters can help you build valuable social connections to drive traffic to your website or blog and give a boost to your business, follow the advice in this infographic.

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1. Always consider your main purpose, why you wish to promote and advertise very clearly from your first tweets. Do not hide it, 140 characters is short, very short. So be concise and direct!

2. Maintain your look, in other words, do not hesitate to put your photo with your best smile or a representative of your brand logo in perfect design.

3. It is the same for your biography that you describe with the right keywords so that it can be indexed by search engines.

4. Link your account to your website but also your other accounts Facebook, Pinterest etc. If you are appreciated tweets, your followers will want to know more about you and will not hesitate to click on the links present. In addition, given that social signals are now taken into account by Google, traffic from Twitter can only be beneficial.

5. Locate the contacts that are likely to follow you and follow them, they will perhaps turn follow. If your tweets are attractive and convincing, they will be retweeted and you will gain new followers.

6. Drag the ear to listen to everything that is said and most importantly, take the time to respond to questions and comments. Personalize your answers, speak directly to your audience by naming for example, short, show that you care about evoked

7. Know your peers! Business is better between those who know and trust each other. Aim just so. Do you follow those who will be attracted by your products, your business, your expertise.

8. Your tweet will be read in less than a second! It must be written in simple but adequate and especially French, well suited to the target! No ambiguities so your tweet will not read again, for sure!

9. Use cautiously private messages. Do not click on links and do retweets if you are not completely sure or trust.

10. Think twice before posting a tweet because once it is published, it is difficult to reverse and then remember that it can be read by a potential client or even your mother! LOL


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