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Top 5 Ways To Use Pinterest For Marketing Your Business

Pinterest For Business

While the vast majority of businesses look to build social media campaigns on the more well-known social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, others overlook the benefits that Pinterest can provide for your business marketing.

With over 11 million monthly visitors, Pinterest has been an increasingly popular platform for many users, albeit a very specific demographic. If you are running a business looking to increase your overall brand and product awareness, Pinterest is a site you should be taking advantage of as it provides a plethora of benefits.

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For those who may not know, Pinterest is purely a photo content site. This means that when interacting as your business authority, you should be posting all the various images that your business promotes. The most focal of these being the products and services your business provides. These images will allow you to make your products aware to a whole new audience that may not have even heard of your business, increasing the exposure of your business in general as well as the specific products.

However, the success of these images are going to achieve will be based on what types of products your business provides. Around 80% of all people who use Pinterest are women. This obviously means that if women are your primarily selling demographic, you are going to see more of an interest in your images than you would if they were products aimed at a male audience.

Increased Traffic

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Once you have created this added interest through users coming across your images on Pinterest, the next step is to try and turn this interest into some traffic through to your website. If they like the look of a particular image, they may be interested in possibly purchasing it. This means that you need to try and have some call to action on the page that is going to give them a way to get through to your site. One of the best ways to do this is to place the relevant link on the image's description. This means that if a user likes the look of your image, they can then click straight through to the page on your website that would allow them to then purchase it.

This interactivity to create traffic shouldn't just be restricted to only your images. If you find that some people like the range of images you are posting, they may decide to follow you to get an update on the new images you post. As they will then regularly view your profile page, it's important to have all your details on the page. This includes basic information about your business such as your name, logo, slogan and other details as well as contact information such as email address, telephone number, etc. The more contact information you provide them with, the greater chance you have of enticing them to make this transition from being someone interested in a Pinterest image to someone actively engaging with your website in making a purchase.

Overall Reach

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When viewing one of the images you placed on the social media site, if a user finds that they like one of your images, they then have the option to REPIN them on to their own walls. This means that in addition to themselves seeing your image, the image will be exposed to everyone who follows them. In terms of overall exposure this can greatly aid your business as more people will be exposed to the image, possibly visiting your website and making a purchase. This could result in your images being constantly repined, greatly increasing your overall exposure over a short period of time.

Increase Sales/Leads

While you want people to come through to your website in order to make a purchase, you can also try and take advantage of sales via Pinterest itself through Shopinterest. While this isn't the ideal way to make a sale, as you would prefer it to be through your website, it still allows you to take advantage of those users who are hesitant to leave the social media page to visit a third party site.

Potential Pitfall

As Pinterest is a photo sharing platform with literally thousands of photos for users to view, it's important to make sure that the images you place on there are of the professional standard that you are going to need to help your business. If your images aren't of the required standard, it will not only discourage people from clicking through to the image or repining it, it will also affect your overall brand image.

This standard of imagery should not only be applied to your Pinterest account, but literally everywhere you post content, especially your website itself. Whatever images you use, you need to make sure that it is of the professional standard that you would expect any business to have.

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