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How To Use Facebook As A Marketing Tool For Small Business

Do small businesses need to be on Facebook? When you consider the number of people that now have a profile on there and check it every single day, then the answer to this particular question is undoubtedly yes, yes you do need to be on Facebook if you are a small business. It does make sense to explore some of the reasons as to why this is the case and the points that follow will make things that bit clearer.

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Your Competition Is Going To Be On There

First, it is important to keep in mind that your competition is more than likely going to be on there and if you are missing, then they are going to be stealing some of your customers and reducing your turnover. They are going to have a profile that can be seen by thousands if not millions of people that are actively looking for your kind of services or products and can you afford to miss out and just let those people spend their money elsewhere?

It Is Free Marketing 

Facebook is free for you to join, free for you to set up your page, and free for you to talk to people and in the world of business you should always take advantage of any kind of marketing that does not cost you any cash. The key here is to supply people with as much information as possible about your business on your page and view it as being the most interactive advertisement that you have ever placed because what people see on your page will have an impact on whether or not they will then spend money with you. It is also important to point out that people can discuss your business on Facebook and it makes sense for you to have a presence on there to allow people to check you out quickly and easily rather than searching elsewhere and losing interest before they find you.

You Can Build Relationships and Give That Personal Touch

Finally, having your small business on Facebook just allows you to start building that all important client and customer relationship that can pay dividends not only now, but also in the future. People can leave comments on your page or send you messages, this is the modern day equivalent of leaving a message on your answering machine, and you would always answer those due to the possibility of making money. People respond better to a business that they feel is taking an interest in them and does not just see them as a way to increase their turnover and in the world today the easiest way to do this is via Facebook. So those are three key reasons why you need to be on Facebook if you are a small business. Not having an active presence on there is going to result in people simply ignoring your website and going elsewhere and no business can afford to lose turnover especially when they do so by not taking advantage of something that is free. Moreover, increasing its efficacy is as easy as buying Facebook fans. Look at it this way, you can only gain by being on there and nothing to lose, so set up your page and get networking as you may be surprised by the results

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