Friday, 5 October 2012

Why SEO Isn't Taught In University

We all have that stage in our life where we attend University, complete our four year course of marketing and believe we are ready for what the world has to throw at us. How wrong were we? University is only the tip of the iceberg in regards to teaching you all about SEO, anyway, how can a course teach you an ever changing industry, I was not even aware of Google being our foe, let alone a penguin and panda getting involved.

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Here are a few things I should have learnt at University -
University was full of theory and how SEO works, what it means for the digital world but never how to achieve results and what strategies are implemented in order to raise your page ranking.

Link building for one was never mentioned, I believe our lectures reckon we can build a website and brand by solely tweeting. Link building is the foundation of getting your website seen, through the use of regular web blogging, guest posts accompanied by traditional link building technique. This is one method to use and this is just the start.
University will bombard you in what the changing digital world means for our communities and the digital divide phenomena but it will not directly teach you about implementing marketing strategies in order to better your business. 

Content marketing is a vital aspect in order to consistently attain and sustain traffic on your site, content is what every reader wants they want to learn something new every time they enter your site. University did not even introduce a content marketing strategy or reiterate the importance of such a tactic.
The University introduced no proclamation to the importance of tools used in the SEO industry, no information on the use of anchor text, Wordpress, Majestic SEO or major players like SEOmoz. In order for University to be more effective in its teachings they need to introduce professionals to lectures with industry relevant knowledge, not just a lecturer who dabbles in all things marketing.

University do underpin the importance of Social media, showing they like to reiterate the importance of something far simpler, to the digital marketing world. They mention Twitter and Face book as much as they need, but still do not really teach you the tactics you should use in order to better improve a site and direct convertible traffic.  Students are not educated in page rankings and how to effectively better a website’s presence. Search rankings are of primary importance to any SEO firm trying to develop traffic results; by achieving this they use keyword tools to enable them to target a particular word. As we all know in order to achieve this numerous tactics are implemented such as link building, PPC, blogging and social media.

 Through my learning experiences in education so far, I have never heard of penguin and panda updates and Google’s greed. Google regards SEO as web spam, and is trying its hardest to eradicate all SEO tactics. The reason for this is they want you to fully utilize PPC campaigns and therefore generate more money for them. The list of subjects I haven’t learned could be reeled off all day and I have much more to learn. It just goes to show that you cannot substitute first hand industry knowledge and a University degree is very expendable.

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