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How to Use Instagram as a Business Marketing Tool

instagram business ideas

What is Instagram ?

Instagram is an app that lets you share photos for both iOS and Android platforms. You can click a picture, edit it using filters and share it across your social media sites. What sets Instagram a notch above other similar apps is its superlative filter which make the photos look like they have been edited professionally. You can make the colors more vivid and sharp or dull them to create a soft glow for a vintage look. Like in Pinterest, you can share your pictures and keep track of other users’ photo streams.

Instagram has enormous potential to reach out, especially on Social networking sites, because everyone there loves to see images. Posts with photos or images are 50% more likely to get a ‘Like’ than one without any pictures.

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So how will this app be of use to you in your business?

Your customers may be impressed by the fact that you keep up with latest trends. Take pictures of your products and edit them in Instagram, add funky headings, and you’re sure to make people sit up and take notice. Thanks to Instagram’s filters, even if you’re a newbie, your work will look professional.
Use Instagram to build up your brand and narrate the story of your business and products in a slideshow of images that are well captioned.

Using the filters you can render images with DSLR quality, and others are highly likely to comment on them. Seize this opportunity to start a discussion thread. If they are really interested, they may even share the photo on their own home pages and others may also get interested. In this manner you can gain publicity for your products. You can also engage in discussion with peers and keep up with the latest trends.
With this app you can instantly share your images on multiple social media sites. If you have done a really good job, the chances of your photo going viral and being the topic of discussion all over the internet is big. This means that you are able to create brand awareness to a diverse audience at one go. As posted comments are visible with hardly any lag, it is pretty likely to start a conversation too.

 Create a photo contest - Why not try something trendy like ask users to send in pictures that capture your brand’s vision. You can give away your products as prizes. This will ensure that your brand is engraved in their minds.

You can also start a blog with your Instagram pictures. The image can be the original blog entry. Encourage your followers to start a discussion based on it.

Use hashtags to direct search results into appropriate groups and discussions on the app Website. Entrepreneurs who have successfully used this method swear by it. They say that the possibility of direct sales with the correct use of hashtags is great. When you post pictures with the correct hashtags, they turn up in search results, and people may leave queries about availability and price if they are interested. Immediately respond to the queries, and lead the visitors to your website where they can buy.

For example if you’re selling toys that include car models, you can include tags like #hotrod and #bentley, along with your business name tag. This way, people searching for photos of cars will get a glimpse of your products. And who knows, some of them could end up placing orders!

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  1. Great tip on creating a photo contest. Many people try this with other social media sites, but Instagram obviously has the platform to outshine them all!

    A great way to create a blog with Instagram photos is rebel mouse. I've got my rebelmouse page connected to my blogger page so that it automatically shows everything from my instagram.

    It's pretty neat.

    1. Thanks Amanda for appreciating this article. Be in touch !!! :)


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