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6 Simple Ways To Increase Traffic And Improve Seo

Many companies have realized the importance of a implementing an SEO strategy into their marketing efforts, but some have yet to find success.
SEO is not something that can be set up and successful overnight. It takes time and lots of planning, plus a great deal of monitoring and adjustments. There are many different reasons why an search engine optimization strategy may be unsuccessful, and the following are six of the most common to improve seo ranking of your website.

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1. You’re not using keywords

Keywords may just be the most important element in a successful SEO campaign. If your company is not using the right keywords in your website content or PPC ads, you’re not going to rank on the appropriate pages. Use a tool like Google’s Keyword Tool to help you determine which keywords are the best choice for your content, and make sure that you’re using these words and phrases throughout your online materials.

2. You’re not changing your keywords

Unfortunately, most businesses think that once they select their keywords, they’ll never have to do it again, but this is untrue. Keywords change on a regular basis, and it’s very important that your company monitor the most popular keywords associated with your industry and make the necessary changes. For example, you may find that a slang word used to describe your products or services has become more popular than the actual name of the product or service, and you’ll want to adjust your keywords accordingly.

3. You’re not changing your content

Along with changing your keywords, you need to make an effort to change your content on a regular basis. When you change your content regularly, search engines will send their spiders to your site to crawl through it on a more regular basis. The more often your site is crawled, the more the search engines will notice your keywords, and the better you’ll rank.

4. Your website isn’t useful to your visitors

Another factor that determines where your site ranks is how much traffic your site receives and what your visitors do while there. If your customers are leaving your site quickly after finding it, this means they’re not being engaged, which has a negative impact on your SEO. Search engines not only want to see a ton of traffic, but they also want to see that your visitors are spending quality time on your site and moving from page to page. If your site isn’t useful, this activity will not occur.

5. You don’t have any backlinks
The number of backlinks that lead to your site is also important, but it is quality over quantity. You can have 1,000 links to your site, but if they’re not on popular or credible websites, they’re not going to have much of an effect. Instead, you want to try and earn quality backlinks to your website from trusted sites. This helps generate more traffic and adds credibility to your own website.

6. You’re using black hat tactics

There are white hat SEO tactics and there are black hat SEO tactics, and black hat SEO tactics are not liked by search engines. Black hat tactics tend to cheat the system into earning you a higher ranking than you truly deserve. Many companies use these tactics because they produce results more quickly, but search engines have gotten smarter, and Google has started to de-index websites that are caught using black hat tactics.
SEO can be tricky to understand, but that doesn’t mean your website cannot succeed with the strategy. If you’re not seeing any results from your SEO strategy, it’s very likely that  you’re making one of these six mistakes.

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  1. Nowadays, ranking high on search engines has become harder than before because google is calling the shots. The old black hat seo tactics are no longer working these days and on the contrary those who use them get punished by google by having their websites downgraded to the lowest levels.
    The reasons given here are some of the major reasons why a website may not rank well and the best way to overcome this is by employing the right tactics in your seo campaign and as indicated on point no 4, having quality content is the key these days so as to avoid google panda being unleashed on you.


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