Friday, 5 October 2012

10 Ways To Improve Your Blog Post For Getting Traffic

Blogging is the giant of marketing tools, it is believed that 2 out of 8 American people blog. Obviously it is a crowded market, with a very slim chance of actually getting your blog noticed, and get more traffic to your blog is quite hard thing to achieve these days.

However, by implementing these ten tips onto your blogging strategy you are much more likely to achieve results and more traffic to your blog.

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Tip one
Ensure that your blog is niche with a concrete topic. Do not make the blog so it is up for debate what your blog actually means, create a concrete topic, this ensures that everyone who has clicked on your blog knows what they are going to read.

Tip two
Make your article easy to reference. To achieve this create original content that you can clearly point to in your post. For instance , Generating a list on “top 10 tips on wine tasting” would be easy to reference and cite in another article as it is niche related and easy to use.

Tip three
You need to be consistent and post daily. The key to a successful blog is consistency but that consistency needs to be daily. This will ensure readers regularly visit the site in hope of reading new high quality content.

Tip four
Social media! Yes it is that tool everyone rants about. When posting any article make sure that you post it via Twitter and Facebook. This will ensure coverage to all your markets and convert traffic directly to your blog. Ensure your content is uploaded to social media consistently at a high quality to keep attracting traffic. Regularly conduct analytics on your social media page to measure its effectiveness.

Tip five
Make the blog personal. Readers are humans too! With emotions, appeal to them. Using pictures and videos which are personal to you will give the reader an attachment which they will not want to let go of.

Tip six
Make yourself blogging goals. These goals can be anything, just make sure they are measurable and achievable. By measuring your goals you will be able to see the effectiveness of all the current methods you are implementing. For example, you aim for 200 readers a week; this is very measurable by checking analytics.

Tip seven
Build a community around your blog. Make forum within the site this can aid others when trying to communicate with you and people with similar interests. This way traffic will stay on your blog and you will maintain their reading.

Tip eight
Even though this is a more difficult option, it is still a viable one. A podcast is a good way to broadcast your blog and appeal to different market. Ensure it carries out the concrete topic of your blog and stays engaging.

Tip nine
Guest blogging, this is effectively making a post on another blog and directing that traffic to yours. This is useful two reasons it broadcasts your blog to another audience and strengthens your blogs page rankings. 

Tip ten
Finally, make use of Google+, Google plus can make your account interactive as well as move it up the rankings. It is just another avenue of effective social media.

Utilizing these tips will not necessarily means success, but it will ensure maximum effectiveness of your content. It increases the chance of your blog being attractive and getting noticed, however it is still dependent on your ability to be an engaging blogger.

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